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The coronavirus has put a definite strain on moving during the pandemic because of how social distancing makes everything more complicated. In many cases, moves can’t wait. How does someone move during a pandemic? First, people might be wondering if they can even find moving services.

Flexible Move Date

For many people, the move date has a particular day, and it can’t change too much. That can make things difficult. People might have a lease ending, or they might have sold a home that they have to leave by a specific date. It doesn’t leave much room for flexibility, which can make things difficult during the COVID-19 crisis. Those who can’t wait out the storm might rent a moving truck or load stuff up in the back of their car and move.

Varies by State

What gets closed down will vary from one state to the next, depending on the extent of the crisis. In some states, a lot of the non-essential businesses have faced total shutdown. For some situations, even a county or city could have specific restrictions because of how they were hit by the COVID-19 crisis harder than others. As of right now, luckily, the government still considers moving companies as essential, so they remain in operation. They classify as an essential business.

Storage Companies

Like with moving companies, they continue to operate without closure during this trying time. Still, you could expect more limited hours of accessibility with these places, and they might also require that individuals follow the proper protocol practices. The social distancing practices remain at these places, and people must stay 6 feet away from each other.

To learn the specifics, individuals should look up the specific policies of their moving company. This will tell them a lot more. Most companies have chosen to set their hours, and anyone with a question or concern should contact their provider. Moving companies have implemented specific policies designed to protect employees and customers from this dangerous pandemic. They often follow the local guidelines, wear masks and gloves, and keeping the trucks stocked with hand sanitizer to help. All of these practices ensure that moving remains open and safe.